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  Below is a list of the dogs that are full and half siblings to SHR John's Leda . This may not be a complete list, because Hunting Boykin Pedigree database is based on the information users enter.
FULL Siblings of

John's Bertha

HALF Siblings by sire
HR J & L's Johnyy CGC

Dovewood's Jeb Stuart
Hips: BY-2616G24M-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE407/13M-VPI
Elbow: BY-EL378M24-VPI
Patella: BY-PA311/12M/P-VPI
Heart: BY-CA1047/12M/P-VPI

Dovewood's Stonewall Jackson
Hips: BY-2613F24M-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE438/18M-PI
Elbow: BY-EL376M24-VPI
Patella: BY-PA312/12M/P-VPI
Heart: BY-CA1048/12M/P-VPI

Hunters Rest Butch
Eyes: BY-EYE255/2M-PI
Patella: BY-PA353/12M/P-VPI
Heart: BY-CA1119/12M/P-VPI

SHR John's Franklin

SHR John's Secret Agent 86

John's Secret Agent 99
No Half siblings in database out of Dam

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