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  Below is a list of the dogs that are full and half siblings to Lockhaven's Spider Man . This may not be a complete list, because Hunting Boykin Pedigree database is based on the information users enter.
FULL Siblings of

Lockhaven Spider Man

SHR Mags Chief Lexie
Elbow: BY-EL278F27-VPI


HALF Siblings by sire
GRHRCH UH Saint Thomas Chief MNH MH MHR OCH10, 14

HR UH Brandywines Bonded Ivan At J&L
Hips: BY-2192G24M-VPI

HRCH Brandywines First To The Bird Titan
Hips: BY-2254E
Patella: BY-PA228

HR Brandywines Lady Waterfowl-Adie
Hips: BY-2193F24F-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE97/23F-VPI
Patella: BY-PA190/24F/P-VPI
Heart: BY-CA836/24F/P-VPI

HRCH Brandywines Summer Shandy-Leine MHR
Hips: BY-2485G24M-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE138/3M-NOPI
Patella: BY-PA349/24M/P-VPI
Heart: BY-CA1091/24M/P-VPI

HRCH UH Brandywines Waterfowl Drake UICH18
Hips: BY-2194G24M-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE98/23M-VPI
Patella: BY-PA191/24M/P-VPI
Heart: BY-CA837/24M/P-VPI

Chief's Miss Middleton
Elbow: BY-EL226F55-VPI

Chief's Myrphy Brown B Primetime

HR Chief's Ogeechee Mule UNCH15
Hips: BY-2217G32M-VPI
Elbow: BY-EL208M32-VPI

SHR Chief's Palmetto Piper
Hips: BY-3081G26F-VPI (GOOD)
Eyes: BY-EYE1030/28F-VPI
Elbow: BY-EL653F26-VPI
Patella: BY-PA786/26F-P/VPI
Heart: BY-CA1519/28F/P-VPI
EIC: BY-EIC549/13F-PI (Normal)

Chief's Santee Delta Havoc

Golden Rose
Eyes: BY-EYE440/23F-PI
Patella: BY-PA347/23F/P-VPI
Heart: BY-CA1089/23F/P-VPI

SHR Mitchell's Chief Santee Princess
Hips: BY-2027F25F-VPI
Eyes: BYS-379569
Heart: BY-CA718/29F/C-VPI

Mule-Just Let Chief Doit

HRCH Pathfinders Engine That Could MHR ICH17
Hips: BY-2489G24M-PI
Patella: BY-PA350/24M/P-VPI
Heart: BY-CA1093/24M/P-VPI

Queen Liza Lutz Of Shady Acres
PennHip: DI-R ,50 DI-L .66
Eyes: BY-CEA92/20F-PI
Patella: BY-PA379/21F/P-VPI
Heart: BY-CA1143/21F/P-VPI

HRCH Rocky's Repeat Offender

HR Rose's Live Fire Reload
Hips: BY-2429F30M-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE292/25M-VPI
Elbow: BY-EL281M30-VPI
Heart: BY-CA995/25M/C-VPI

HRCH Saint Thomas Justanislandboy
Hips: BY-2008G24M-PI (GOOD)
Eyes: BY-EYE246/52M-PI (NORMAL)
Elbow: BY-EL122M24-PI (NORMAL)
Patella: BY-PA120/27M/P-PI (NORMAL)
Heart: BY-CA696/17M/C-PI (NORMAL)
DM: BY-DM377/52M-PI (NOR

Santee Bailey Templeton
Hips: BY-2028G25F-NOPI

SHR Santee's Super Brown Benelli
Hips: BY-2104F30F-VPI
Eyes: BYS-367713
Elbow: BY-EL166F30-VPI
Heart: BY-CA638/16F/C-VPI

Santee's Sweet Georgia Brown
Eyes: BYS-379445
Heart: BY-CA713/14F/C-NOPI

Shady Acres Chief Jaeger

HR Shady Acres Chief Macinaw
Eyes: BY-EYE297/11M-NOPI

HR Shady Acres Chief Oakley
Hips: BY-2655G28M-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE298/11M-VPI
Elbow: BY-EL397M28-VPI

SHR Shady Acres Coffee Run CGC TKA
PennHip: DI-R 0.57 DI-L 0.48
Eyes: BY-EYE873/46F-VPI
Patella: BY-PA741/52F/P-VPI
Heart: BY-ACA147/46F-VPI

HR Shady Acres Princess Makyia JHR

SHR South Wind Whiskey Lullaby

HRCH CH St. Thomas Justanislandboy MHR CGC
Hips: BY-2008G24M-PI (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-373400 (CLEAR)
Elbow: BY-EL122M24-PI (NORMAL)
Patella: BY-PA120/27M/P-PI (NORMAL)
Heart: BY-CA696/17M/C-PI (NORMAL)
CEA: Clear
DM: Clear

SHR Sunday's Augusta Green Jacket
Hips: BY-2356G24M-VPI
Elbow: BY-EL254M24-VPI

No Half siblings in database out of Dam

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