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  Ranger x Chloe

Updated: 2/19/2024

Litter Announcement:
Ranger x Chloe
Location: North Carolina


Contact information
Owner: John Huddleston
*Price: $0 Phone:
*Please note: some litter owners may have different Email: boykinspaniel@gmail.com
prices based on color or sex, please read below Website:Www.otmkennel.com

Other Information about litter:


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Ranger x Chloe HRCH Old Hickory's Lone Ranger MHR
Hips: BY-4173E24M-P-VPI (excellant)
Eyes: BY-EYE1779/17M/P-PI (normal)
Patella: BY-PA1691/17M/P-PI (normal)
Heart: BY-BCA561/17M/P-PI (normal/clear)
CEA: BY-CEA989/18M-PI (no
DM: BY-DM1006/18-PI (nor
EIC: BY-EIC1067/18M-PI (clear)
HRCH Southern Mermaids Thats My Boy
Hips: BY-3417G24M-NOPI
Elbows: Normal
Patella: BY-EL868M24-NOPI
Heart: Normal
CEA: Clear
DM: Clear
EIC: Clear
HRCH Cash Is King MHR
Hips: BY-2544E24M-VPI
Elbows: BY-EL339M24-VPI
Heart: BY-CA1200/24M/P-VPI
HRCH Wrecker's Southern Mermaid MHR
Hips: BY-2240G29F-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE309/39F-VPI
Patella: BY-PA275/39F/P-VPI
Heart: BY-CA962/39F/C-VPI
SBR Price's Southern Cotton
EIC: Clear
Ssk's Midnight Ryder Price
Ssk's Catch A Rowe Price
OTM's Wilson’s Gift Of Gab SH UNCH21
Hips: BY-3501G3 4F-PI (Good)
Elbows: BY-EL910F34-PI (Normal)
Eyes: BY-EYE1346/69F-VPI (Normal W/BO)
Patella: BY-PA1243/38F/S-VPI (NOrmal)
Heart: BY-BCA47/34F/S-VPI (Normal Specialist)
CEA: Carrier
DM: Carrier
EIC: Normal (clear)
Rock'n Creek Wilson
Patella: BY-PA480/17M/P-VPI
Heart: BY-CA1271/17M/P-VPI
Rock'n Creek Hannibal
Hips: BY-2415G42M-NOPI
Heart: BY-CA1042/42M/P-NOPI
Eyes: BY-EYE380/42M-NOPI
Rock'n Creek Of Shadow Bend
Hips: BY-1800G24F-NOPIesid
Heart: BY-CA574/24F/P-NOPI
Eyes: BYS-365246
SHR Otm's Talk Of The Town UNCH16 UICH17
Hips: BY-2595G36F-VPI
Elbows: BY-EL367F36-VP
Patella: BY-PA410/36F/P-VPI
Heart: BY-CA1011/20F/C-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE286/20F-VPI
EIC: Normal Clear
HRCH GCH CH Pocotaligo's Nama Karoo MHA SHR CGC UICH13
Hips: BY-1959G
Elbows: BY-EL115M28-VPI
Patella: BY-PA100/28M/P-VPI
Heart: BY-CA656/28M/P-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE177/53M-VPI
SHR OTM Wrecker's License To Carry UNCH10, NCH12
Hips: BY-1690G25F-PI
Patella: BY-PA149/59F/P-PI
Heart: BY-CA753/34F/S-PI
Eyes: BY-EYE43/30F-PI

Sire Picture: Dam Picture
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