Genetic Pedigree of Bluefield's Brandywine / Genetic Pedigree of Bluefield's Brandywine

HRCH UH Master Maximus Of The Cooper MH SHR NCH10 UICH14

Hips: BY-1523G27M-VPI (GOOD)
Elbows: BY-EL59M27-VPI (NORMAL)
Eyes: BYS-897 (CLEAR)
Mr. Bojangles
Waccamaw River's 12 Guage
Pawleys Island Sam
Marley Page Vereen
  Blair's Southern Belle
Lady's Ace Of Hearts
Princess Blair Barrett
Princess Zoe By The Creek
  Goose Pond Tinker
Hips: BY-788-G (GOOD)
Eyes: BY-781N (CLEAR)
Lesesne's Pride
Eyes: BYS-193
Eyes: BYS-267
SHR Chelsea By The Sea
Eyes: BYS-399N (CLEAR)
Sir Lot
Katie Gayla Larrimore

Bluefield's Little Abbie

Hips: BY-1824G
HRCH UH Jeff's True Luck Tucker PCH07
Hips: BY-1353G24M-PI (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-777 TESTED 07,10,11
Linda's Earnest Tee Of Mossy Oak
Hips: BY-1135G24M-NOPI (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-560N
Mossy Oak's Cutty
Hips: BY-517G25M (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-256
Mossy Oak's Tara II
Hips: BY-580G24F (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-299 (TESTED: 00)
Laci Lu
Hips: BY-1082F32F-NOPI (Fair)
Donald's Thumper
Linda's Baby Bambi
Hips: BY-895G62F-NOPI (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-559N
Peach Ridge Meg
Eyes: BYS-904N
SHR Just Ducky's Justbelieveit
Hips: BY-1152E24M-PI (Excellent)
Eyes: BYS-736
GRHRCH UH Just Ducky's Justforkicks OCH06, 08, 09
Hips: BY-761G24M-NOPI (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-459 TESTED: 03,08,10 (CLEAR)
Shelby's Nipper
Hips: BY-714G27F-NOPI (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-419N
Sarahsetter's Just A Sweet Carolina Gurlee
Hips: BY-1111G28F-PI (Good)
Sarahsetter's Benne
Hips: BY-799G50M-NOPI (GOOD)
Just Ducky's Justimagine
Hips: BY-1053G55F-NOPI (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-347N (TESTED: 01,09)

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