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Boykin Spaniel Retriever Stud dogs


Hunting Boykin pedigree
HRCH Spartacus Rome Monti Fields MHR
HRCH,OR Lamberts Boudreaux Pierre SH, MHR
HRCH Hunters Rest Fowler SHR
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GRHRCH UH Saint Thomas Chief MNH MH MHR OCH10, 14
HRCH Boykin spaniel stud dog mh
HRCH UH King's Curlee Gurlee OCH97, 99, 02
GRHRCH UH Just Ducky's Justforkicks OCH06, 08, 09
Twisted Creek's Drake ICH00
HR Just Ducky's Justasample PCH98
HR UH Sydney of Woodbine ICH97
HRCH UH Brandywines Chocolate Covered Cherry UICH07 ICH09
WC NC SM LC Big Sky's Bessie Wayne
SC Brandywines Miss Abigale
SHR Addisons Big Riggs
SM GC SHR Brandywines Northern Dixie
HRCH UH Brandywines Till The Next Time
HRCH UH Buckeye's Kickin It Up a Notch
HRCH Just Ducky's Justaplaceoutwest NCH09, ICH12
HR Rock'n Creek Lord Of The Wings
CH Hollow Creek's Decoy's Boy CGC
UWP GRCH Hollow Creek's Gus CGC
GCH CH Fall Creek's Justmyluckyraydar
HRCH MHR Pocotaligo's Coffee OCH88, 89, 90, 92
HRCH UH Pocotaligo's Bailey
HRCH UH Graham's Carolina Wrangler UOCH09, UNCH06
HRCH UH Oyster Creek's Pistol Peat UOCH06, UO
GRHRCH UH Coosa's Stonewall Jackson MH MHR OCH11, 13 UOCH15
HR Gabriel Maxwell Of Buckhead
HR Just Ducky's First Edition
HR UH Just Ducky's Justmyluck UICH04
HR Just Ducky's Justdoit
HRCH UH Fancy's Mighty Samson OCH04, 05 UOCH05
HR UH Fist Full Of Dollars MH NCH05
HRCH UH Darby's Teal Boy OCH07 UICH05 ICH04
SHR Creek Boat Sailor
HR UH Beal's Jig ICH03
HR duplicate NCH01
HRCH Brandywine's Special Reserve
WR Socks ICH89
HRCH UH Amanda Of Pocotaligo MHU UOCH10, 11
Dixie Blair OCH94 OCH95 ICH90
Wade's Monticello Bud OCH91 ICH91 NCH89
HRCH Lilly's Full Choke Hunter
SHR Lily's Promise To Piper
SHR Brandywines Brookwood Mohawk
SHR J & C's Savannah's Hellgirl
Carolina's Victoria SH
HR UH AJ Jumper
SHR Just Ducky's Justanibble
Goldrush Digger OCH85(TIE)
HRCH UH Jeff's True Luck Tucker PCH07
HRCH UH Master Maximus Of The Cooper MH SHR NCH10 UICH14
HRCH True Luck's Justarayofsunshine
HR Just Ducky's Justagentleman
HR Edisto Rebel Colonel
GRCH Carolina's Golly Moses
UWPO UWPCH GRCH Hollow Creek's Hayley
UWPV SHR UWPCHX GRCH Hollow Creek's Decoy II
GRCH Sunseeker Flamingo Kid
GRCH Sunseeker Pirate's Code
Little Cricket PCH88
Pooshee's Superman ICH92
UH HR Woody's Cocoa-G1
MHR Firestone PCH86
Little Charlie Brown PCH85
Cricket OCH80
Rebel OCH84
CH Bramblewood Rascal
SHR Just Ducky's Justbelieveit
SHR P.K. Charlie Brown
HR Mr. Mick O CH98
SHR Warren's 1st Scout
UH SHR U-AG1 Pooshee's Dusa Lily Pad
HRCH UH Brandywines Front Paige News
HRCH UH Brandywines Mighty Duramax
HRCH UH Brandywines Bessie's Mojo UNCH11 UOCH17
HRCH UH J&L's Duke Of Earl
HR UH Ceasarcreek Crown Charlie MH UO
SHR Maggie's Northern Ruby SH UN
HR Brandywine's Mustang Sally
SHR Tugtown Edisto Fripp
SHR UH Lily & Piper's Never Ending Story UN
HR Brandywines Shooting Star
HR Brandywines Its All About Grace
SHR Brandywines Big Brown Bear
Wyolina's Jacobs Ladder ICH96 NCH95
HR P. K. Maxwell Smart
CH Carolina's Duck Duck Goose MX MXJ OAP OJP XF RN
CH Sc's Who's Wearn' The Pants Now RE
HR Penny's Wooden Nickle
CH Hollow Creek's Rosey O'Donnell
GCH CH Sunseeker Kiss My Britches Beekauz MHA SHR RN
Sunseeker Starburst Smoocher CD RN
HRCH Lexie Lue Campbell
HRCH Stickpond's Raz-ma-taz MHR ICH08
HRCH UH Caton's Rooty-toot-toot
6xGRHRCH UH Brandywine Stonewalls Gallant Pelham MH MHR UOCH16 OCH16, 18
HRCH UH Kj Just Cinnamon And Spice MHR
HRCH Justahomewrecker PCH05 UICH06 NCH06 UOCH08
HR Just Ducky's Ubetyourbippy NCH04
HR Just Ducky's Miss Edgefield
HRCH Just Ducky's Bookmark
HRCH Brandywine's Elijah The Prophet
SHR Brandywine's Cut To The Chase
SHR Justanothershotofwhiskey UICH15
Casey Jones PCH89, NCH90
Millie's Hunting Boots NCH88
SHR South Wind Whiskey Lullaby
HRCH CH St. Thomas Justanislandboy MHR CGC
HR UH Magnolia's CaneCade Diva MH ICH16
HR Brandywine's Lady Petunia
HRCH Brandywines Cherokee Rose
HR Brandywines Rich & Smooth Amberbock PCH08
WR Nat's Reluck Butch
HRCH Mitchell's Mighty Maxamillion PCH10
SHR Mitchell's Chief Santee Princess
HR Bryan's Santee Delta Sunrise ICH10
HR UH J&L's Lucky Nellie Mae MH UO
HR UH UGA J&L's Elk View Trigger MH UI UO CGC
SHR Shadow Bends Madison
HRCH Creekside's Hershey Kiss
HRCH Brandywine's Miss Daisy Mae
HR Shady Acres Chief Macinaw
Pooshee's Wade Hampton OCH87 OCH86 PCH84
Elmore OCH81
HRCH Irene's Fancy Girl
HR UH Unsinkable Molly Brown
UH HR Pocataligo's Bailey
Greywood Woody OCH83
HR Brandywine's 12 Guage
SHR Brandywine's Hokey Smokes "Okey"
SHR Brandywines Cuttys Legacy
HRCH Magnolia's Prince Jebediah JH
HR Magnolias Ruby Cando Brandywine MH
HR UH Magnolia Good Golly Miss Molly
HR Papya's Maximilian
SHR Chelsea By The Sea
HR UH Brier Creeks Madame Laveau MHA UOCH19
Coach Campbell's Trouble PCH81
Dixie Two PCH82
Bull Island Beau OCH82
HR Brandywine's Special Cut
HRCH UH Brandywine's Lookout 4 Buddy Luv
HR Brandywine's Majestic Water Lily
HRCH Brandywine's Big Block Hemi
HR Lookout 4 Brandywine's Jr Chip
HRCH Brandywine's Duramizer Chip UNCH09
HR Lily Belle Bloom
HRCH UH Brandywine's Sweet Madeline MHR OCH17, 19
HR UH Brandywine's Bessie Girls Lexus
HR Brandywine's Axel Rose
SHR UH J&L's Sweet Caroline SH
HRCH J&L's Super Chewbaka 2nd MHR
HRCH UH J&L's Northern Crown Crilla MH GDO
HR UH J&L's Scarlett Bandana SH
SHR J&L's Wind River Southern Cross
SHR J&L's Saving Grace JH
HR UH J&L's Kona Waves Wyatt MH CGC UO RI
SHR J&L's Izzie Boo
HR J&L's Gunsmoke Onda Wadder UN
SHR Pocotaligo's Cash Advance JH
SHR Creek Boat Hunter
CH SHR Pocotaligo's First Shot SH PCH09
HR Shady Acres Chief Oakley
HRCH UH Nuf Ced Lucca The Jester
SHR Doc Clover's Magic Tonic PCH15
HRCH Hudson River Drake OCH15
SHR Shady Acres Jasmine
HRCH UH Just Ducky's Justhavealittlefaith
HR UH Hi-Brass Harley MH ICH02
UH Zee
HRCH River's Turn Sambo
HRCH Holland Ridge's Jeb Stuart
HR UH H And P's Naughty Girl Belle
SHR UH J&C's Sweet Southern Daisy #2 UO IR JHR
HR Salem Farm's Just Rock N Roll
HR Salem Farms Just Hot Ash
HR KJ Just Use Enough Gun SH JHR
HR UH Oakeyswamps Ragin River Royale
HR UH Sir Murphee Maurer
SHR Rock'n Creek Deja'vu
Pooshee's Bo Derek NCH86
JC's Meggie NCH87
Lynch's Comin' To Daddy PCH90
Jeb Stuart PCH91
Socks Casey NCH91
Bette's No Cotton PCH92, NCH92
Jr's Hunter Hershey PCH93
Sir Walter Raleigh NCH93
Hubba Bubba ICH93, OCH96
Alexander's Pride NCH94, ICH94
Wednesday's Child Of Ginger PCH96
Socks Jackson NCH96
SHR Pocotaligo's Camo PCH97
UH Meggie Mcgirt NCH97
HR Stickpond's Zippidy Do Da
HR Island Creek Buck
Moore's Carolina Levi Roscoe ICH14
Moore's Carolina First Lady NCH14
SHR Rocky River's Holy Henna
HRCH GCH CH Pocotaligo's Nama Karoo MHA SHR CGC UICH13
HR Pocotaligo's Finest Brandy MH ICH05
HR Pocotaligo's Wednesday ICH99
HR UH Otm's Who's Your Daddy MHA NCH16
SHR OTM Wrecker's License To Carry UNCH10, NCH12
HRCH Gpr's Sherriff Hazzard Co Roscoe SHR
HRCH Coosa's Ridin With Stonewall PCH14 MHR
HRCH UH Just Ducky's Chocolate Martini MH
SHR Just Ducky's Scotch'n Soda
HR UH Aj's Justmaxanista
HRCH UH Justasipofmoonshine UOCH18
MHR Bette's Lulu OCH00, NCH98
HRCH UH Justaminicoopertothemax ICH15
HR Justitchin'togo
SHR Justaboxofchocolates
Simp's Lead Scout NCH15
SHR Just Ducky's Backtothefuture
SHR Brier Creek's Low Country Hitchhiker
SHR Savanah River's Brown Gator JHR SH BN CD OA OAJ CA
HR Vader's Babe's Reese
Tugtown Abigail JH
SHR Sir Royal Whit-kin CGCA CGCU
UJJ URO2 SHR KJ Just24k Of Royal Au Nuggets BN RN CGCA CGCU
SHR Santee's Super Brown Benelli
SHR Brookers First To The Bird Levi
HRCH Brandywines First To The Bird Titan
HR UH Moss Point's Elijah UICH08
HR UH Widgeon Of Pocotaligo
HR UH Vecchione's Barthalamew
UH Jack's Roux
HR UH Pocotaligo's Philly MH ICH01
UH Brandywines Dreamin Of The Sunrise
SHR UH Mcginnis' Li'l Blue Ollie
SHR UH J & L's Shining Abby
UH Mcginnis' Whatawreck Tess
HR UH Home On The Range
HR Rainey's Denver
Black Magic's Lily on the Ashley PCH13
HRCH KJ Just Hottie Of Hazard Co. SHR
SHR Just Ducky's The Beat Goes On
HR UH EJ's Maggie May MH
SHR Kj Just Jasmine And Spice
SHR Kj Just Needs A Little Loving
HR UH Kj Just A Little Ginger Snap
SHR Kj Just A Little Turret Gunner
Kj Just Spice It Up RN JHR AX AXJ
HRCH Kj Just Buck MHR
SHR Mace & Mint Of Eatonville
HR UH Justaleapoffaith
Pocotaligo's Take A Mile Boss JH
SHR Lulu's Sugar N Spice
SHR Shelby's Little Lulu NCH99
SHR UH Lulu's Captain Nemo SH
SR Boulder Brooks Beebee
HR Aj's Justacarboncopy Ditto PCH11
HR UH Pocotaligo's Shotgun Red MHA PCH06 NCH08
SHR Wares' Pocotaligo Boomer
SHR Wares Pocotaligo Banjo
SHR Bette's Carolina
MHR Bird Dog Boone
HR Show-me Jeb Stuart MH JHR
HR Stevens' Creek Justabitofjameson
SHR Just Ducky's Page Two
SHR Just Ducky's Front Page News
SHR Savanah Roses Martha Duke PCH00
Strick's Just Ducky Tao NCH00
Chica PCH01
HR Justaintwhistlindixie
HRCH UH Ballard's Boy
Charlie Espy UNCH08 ICH13
SHR Justakickof100proof
HR UH Hunters Rest Chase
Chelsea's Woody Bear ICH06
CH SHR Jake's Tugtown Edisto
HR Northern Amethyst
GCH Thornhills Ring That Jezebelle JH
CH SHR Tugtown Bellini Belle
SHR Pocotaligo's Tincan Sailor
SHR UH Seven Gables Itty Bitty UN
SHR Seven Gables Swamp Navigator UN IR
HR Brandywines Rosemary Hill
HRCH CH Thornhills Broad River Vixen MH MHR
GCH CH SHR UH Pocotaligo's Swamp Fox MH JHR
SHR Just Ducky's Justaslamdunk
Rock'n Creek Paco AX OAJ
HRCH UH Brandywines Browning Citori Feather OCH12 UOCH14
Wingo Raging River PCH12
SHR Lockhaven's Sargent Carter
Richland's Reese's Piece Of Work NCH07
HRCH UH Pathfinder's Point Shake Jakeco ICH07
Rocky River's Gun'em Down UNCH14
Just Ducky's Mercury Rising UNCH07
HR UH Daisy Ray MH OCH03 UOCH04, 07
Brandywine's Amazing Grace UNCH05
HR Pocotaligo's No Pink Promise UNCH04
Bench Mark OCH93
Unkinkable Molly Brown(sumner) ICH95
HR Miggie Mcgirt NCH97
Wateree Ralph ICH98
HRCH Patton's Holy Moses OCH01
HR Harrleson Boy's Henry
Branson's Buddy Colonel PCH02
HRCH UH Pocotaligo's Amazing Grace
HR Pocotaligo's Tasmanian Jake NCH01
GCH Pocotaligo's Big Lick JH
HRCH UH Mitchell's Mighty Chief Moose (OR)
HRCH Brandywines Summer Shandy-Leine MHR
HRCH UH Brandywines Waterfowl Drake UICH18
GRCH Hollow Creek's Allie-Gator
GRCH Hollow Creek's Amos
Arnette's Heath "Alabama" JH
Goin' Incognito CD RAE
Nashville Minnie CDX RE AX MXJ OF THD
HR Carolina Magic Chaser SH
SHR Tugtown Palmetto Rose JH
Carolina's Lucky Roller JH
Pocotaligo's Bess JH
Pocotaligo's Taylor Made SH
Hollow Creek's Gypsy SH
SHR Boulder Brook's Kaycee Gold SH
SHR Just Ducky's Rock'nrye
HR Just Ducky's Hot To Trot
Brio's Ready Here I Come. JHR
Boulder Brook's Fireworks SH
Boulder Brook's Big Red JH
SHR UH Pocotaligo's Juke
HR UH Brandywine's Legacy Of Stonewall UNCH13
HRCH UH Maximus Decimus Meridus UOCH13
SR Boulder Brook's Duke
SR Boulder Brook's Indy
SHR Catalpa Acres Bring Home The Birds
SHR Dogwoods Jenny At Catalpa Acres CGC
SHR Catalpa Acres Unsinkable Molly Brown CGC
HR Brandywine's Rocky Mtn Agatha
Brandywine's Tally Ho UNCH17
HR Brandywine's Tillie's Last Fling
HR NR Brier Creek's Sucre Roux
SHR Gunshot Jake Of Second Creek
HRCH UH BSR Pawley Island Boy MHA
HRCH Justatankardofcarolinaale ICH18
SHR Justasipofmulberrywine
HR Justalittlemojo
SHR Catfish Creek's Palmetto Cypress NR
SHR Holland Ridge's Carolina Jasmine
SHR Holland Ridge's Justhavefaith
Otm No Last Call LC Mae UICH10
SHR UH Richland's Social Circle
SHR Richland's Roadside Rendezvous
SHR A Story Of Lily's Secret Dream
SHR Brandywine's Guns Up Raider SH
HR Brandywine's Uptown Abby
HR UH Brandywine's Lady Remington
SHR UH KJ Just Shadow Bend Sage
SHR Gracie Pearl Brandywine Ducky
SHR Bailey Kay Bell
SHR Carolina Magics Matalin Marie
SHR Otm's Talk Of The Town UNCH16 UICH17
Hollow Creek's Back To School Benji SH
CH Thomas's Mojo Hand
Pocotaligo's Go Big Red MHA
HR UH Justalildog'lldoya MH
HRCH Hide And Seek Heidi
SHR Celtic Isle Life Of Riley NCH19
Twelve Gauge's Sunshine SHR
SHR Stevens Creek JustouringOKerry
SHR UH Lily & Piper's Story For Ever
Reagan's Right Wing Conspiracy UNCH18
SHR Otm's Win One For The Gipper
HRCH Pathfinders Engine That Could MHR ICH17
SHR Lily's Hallelujah Hal Palmer
HR UH KJ Just Stirring Up Trouble
GCH CH HRCH Thornhills Sula Of Heronwyck SHR
HRCH Killian's Bailey On Tap MHR
HRCH Wrecker's Southern Mermaid MHR
HRCH UH Brandywines Barefoot Boy
HR Brandywines Cutty's Superstar
Chugger Everett JHR
HRCH Jackson's Ace In The Hole
SHR Cupped And Committed's Lily
Rock'n Creek Moye NCH03
Just Ducky's Just2cool4school PCH03
Pooshee's Simmer Down NCH02
SHR Emma's Buck Creek Sadie
Maggie Rose UICH09
HR Hodge's Special Force
HR Brandywines Little Brown Derby
HRCH UH Brandywines Creature Of Habit
HR Rose's Live Fire Reload
SHR Sunday's Augusta Green Jacket
HR UH Brandywines Bonded Ivan At J&L
HR Brandywines Lady Waterfowl-Adie
SHR Shadow Bend Gabe's Gabrielle
HR Just Ducky's Just4chuckles
HR Just Ducky's Just 2x Mule
HRCH UH Wrecker's Texas Hold-em SHR
SR Jalapa's Misty Morning Molly
HR Brandywines Covergirl Samantha
HR Kj Just Flynts A Wine Dark Sea
SHR Pocotaligo's Sprig
SHR Amy's Pocotaligo Ellie
HRCH Pocotaligo's Sweet Georgia Brown MHR MH
HRCH Carolina Majic Hank
HRCH Silvestre Acadiana
HR UH KJ Just Chamomile Hunts For Thrill
HR Kj Just Locked & Loaded
GCH CH Top Gun Lone Wolf
HRCH Brandywines Brown Sugar Magnolia
SHR Bocci Cornbread Cabri
HR Hunter's Rest Memphis UICH11
HRCH Just A Grand Illusion
HR Richland's Camden Legacy
Pocotaligo's Firestarter SH
HR Chief's Ogeechee Mule UNCH15
HRCH Clark's Sam
HR UH Edisto's Palmetto Decoy
HR UH Clinton House Tillie
SHR UH Kipper Ray
HR UH Amazing Grace's Blind Faith
HRCH UH J & L's Sadie Belle UO
HRCH UH Rain River Louie Louie
HR Riptide's Colonial Run
HR Tugtown Jasper
HR Buster Junior
HR Pistol Pete Fetchum
HR Amazing Graces Texas Magnolia
HR S. Comforts Chantilly Lace
HR Silvestre Jim Bowie
HR Beau Jiminy
HR Joe's Alabama Bear
HR Garza's Chip
HR JSR Drycreek Blueridge Babe
HR Peyton Davis O'neal
HRCH UH J&L's Goose Chasing Little Fib
HR Cache River's Little Thief
HR Cooper
HR Winston Ducky Dela Chasse
HR Nick Kinder
HR Catherine's Little Brownie
HR White Sands Buck
HR Chief's Yankee Rebel
HR Just Ducky's Justagigalo
HR Just Ducky's Nike Air Althea
HR Dovewood's Major
HR Just Ducky's Just A Salty Dog
HR Silvestre Atchafalaya
HR Catherine's Dolly
HR Alves Champion Toad
HR Moore's Maddie May
HR Just A Coosawhatchie Run
HR Just Ducky's Tourbillion
HR CM's Maddy Girl
SHR Carolina Magic Drake
SHR Baroness Cleo
SHR Mostyn JH
SHR Story's Cocoa Break
SHR Windshadow's Jeb Stuart
SHR Moss Point's Kajan Belle
SHR Charlotte
GCH CH SHR Thornhill's Carolina Scribe Jake JH
SHR Barry Lynn's Stella Marie
SHR Hap Man Do
SHR Just Catlin's Togo
SHR J & L's Miss Ellie
SHR Brandywine's Indy'ss Royal Flush
SHR Tugtown Molly
SHR Rock'n Creek Legend Of Spooky Woods
SHR Hollow Creek's Victoria
SHR J & L's Brandy's Little Valentine SH UN
SHR Carolina Magic Cooper
SHR Madej's Cyanocobalamin
SHR Scape'ore Li'l Scarlett
SHR J&L's Super Teal UN
SHR Mississippi Flash & Splash
SHR Just Ducky's Just Because
SHR Lookout 4 Bellco's Top Gun
SHR Web's Lil Trapper Brown B.D.
SHR Harlequin Of Pocotaligo
SHR Flyboy Remington Quackstopper
SHR H & P's Little Stoney
SHR Kathy's Gabriel
SHR Boyd's Jake BJ
SHR Buckeye's Bailey Girl
SHR Lookout 4 Bellco's Amazing Chase
SHR Leap Of F8 Cooper
SHR Brandywine's Beretta Briggs
SHR Just Ducky's Justacrooner
SHR Darby's Chocolate Lady
SHR Blue Ducks Scout
SHR Pocotaligo's Texas Willie JH
SHR J & L's Long Way From Home Herbie
SHR Maggies Just Been There
SHR Dawkin's Pocotaligo Mojo
SHR Breanna's Gracious Gracey
SHR Just Ducky's Justbecauseican
SHR Show-Me Drew's Nina Del Rio
SHR Tuckered From Hunting Diedrich
SHR Morris' Tillery Skipper
SHR Creek Boat Snappin Turtle
SHR Brandywines Livin Like A Rockstar
SHR Salem Farm Reelfoot
SHR Rocky Rivers Rainbow Rider
SHR Rocky River's Cinnamon Girl
SHR Boulder Brook's Bonbon
SHR Dixie Ridge's Johnny Rebel
SHR J&L's Super Drake UN
SHR Waccamaw Rivers Sally Brown
SHR Blue Bayou Beau
SHR Larry's Copper Penny CD RN NJP
SHR Lockhavens Roscoe The Rockstar
SHR Brandywine's Bet Your Lucky Star
SHR Just Ducky's Jump'nforjoy
HRCH Hollow Creek's Sir Gallient SH
SHR Carolina Majic Max4camiflage
SHR Web's Besst Sweet Gypsy Rose
SHR Otm's Right Wing Conspiracy
SHR Augustus Mars
SHR Thornhills Broad River Beau
SHR Brier Creek's Smokin' Blaze
HRCH Bigez's Passin A Good Time
HR URO2 Brandywines Pickin' N Grinnin' JHR RN BN CGC
SHR Just Ducky's Justalucky Bet PCH04
SHR Blake's Hot Banded Mallard
SHR Anchochilli's Just 2 Hot 4 U
SHR Show-Me Kenzlee's Coco
SHR Creek Boat Gunner
SHR Darby's Land Rush
SHR Just Ducky's Justgonetotexas
SHR Just Ducky's Sport Page
SHR Brandywines Light Em Up
SHR Black's New Millennium
SHR Jessies Annie Paige
SHR J & L's Arabella Pearl Davis
SHR T-boy's First Pirogue
SHR Carolina Magic Hoss
Charlie's Sweet Rosie Peach UICH16
HR Garris's Alabama Santee Cash
HRCH White Oak Brooks
SHR Just Ducky's Brandy Punch
SHR Dzk's Gift Of Gab
SHR Mags Chief Lexie
HR OTM Sabal Wren Of Wateree
SHR J & L's Northern Bentley
HRCH Mitchell's Chief Pocamax Drake
SHR Mitchell's Southern Belle
SHR J & L's Duke's A Blazin
SHR J & L's Idella's Trip To Bountiful UN CD BN RE JH
HR J&l's Northern Choke Covey
HR AJ Just A Social Climber
SHR Rocky River's Chewbacca
SHR Just Charlie's Little T-Rex
SHR Brandywine's Boomerang
SHR Guny Hwys Just A Lil Devildog
SHR Chief's Lady Clair Shaw
SHR J & L's Avian Mayhem Otis
HRCH UH J&L's How Do You Like Me Now
HR Just Ducky's Good2thelastdrop
SHR Brandywine's Gold Bug
SHR Mitchell's Mossy Moses
HR UH J & L's Lasting Legacy Of Faith MH UN CGC IR
HR Life Is A Gamble
HR Bryan's Edisto Santee Chief
HR Flint River Hembree
HR Soso & Rhett's Best Girl Lexie
HRCH Rocky's Repeat Offender
HR Brandywines Made For Drakes
HR Brandywines Foxtail Cordoba
HR UH Just Ducky's The Frontier Scout UICH12
UH Honey's Cocoa Gigolo
HR Brandywines Special Edition ICH11
SHR Tanwax's Persimmon & Cinnamon
CH Carolina's Cocoa Channel RN MH JHR
SHR Mitchell's Bourbon St @ Brier Creek SHA NR
Dovewood's Weber's Buddy JH
GCH CH Town & Country Miss Lily Pad CGC TKN
HR Brandywine's Sunny And Seventy JHR
HR Town & Country So. Georgia Peach
HR Brandywine's Little Mallard
SHR Brandywine's Fowl Mouth Gilley
HR Brandywine's Gold Plated Trigger
HRCH UH Just Ducky's Justaddducks
SHR South Georgia's Sadie
HR EJ's Family Tradition Ben
HR Brandywines Rich Amber Ale
HRCH Ken's Full Choke Gunner SH
GCH CH Larley's Keeper Of The Code CGCA
CH O'skot's Praline Of Dogwood
CH Texas Trace Skipper
CH Texas Trace Kelly
GCH Hollow Creek's Jaeger Meister
HR Shadow Bend Duke
HR J & L's Apple River Louie
SHR Chiefs Cumberland Scout
SHR J & L's Admiral Chester Nimitz
HR Pepper's Eddie Sue
CH Dovewood's Confederate Breeze
Pocotaligo Annie Of Cedar Grove SH
Pocotaligo's Ritz Carlton SH
CH Hollow Creek's Belle Watts
CH Hollow Creek's Woody Watts
GCH Hollow Creek's Kingfisher JH
GCH Carolina's Jamaica Me Crazy
Carolina's Cara NJP
Brandywine's Buffalo Baylee OA OAJ OF
Sunseeker Feel The Heat RN
J & L's Brandy Dewey Dell SH
Pocotaligo's Banjo JH
GCH Hollow Creek's Texas Trace
CH Hollow Creek's Jake-Watts CD BN SH RM RAE2 DN THDN CGCA TKN
J & L's Girl Scout Of Whitefish JH
J&l'snose2thegrindstone Wyatt JH
CH Texas Trace Matagorda
CH Texas Trace Midnight Austin
Sioux THD
CH Texas Trace Angelina
GCH Texas Trace Sunny Side
J & L's Imua Ke Koa MH
Larriet's Rhynaissance Woman OA OAJ NF
Top Gun Lightning Strikes First RA SH JHR
Brandywine's Gunner Bear JH
CH Texas Trace Somerset CGC
GCH Texas Trace Kelley's Chamizal Treaty JH
Shady Acres Carolina Wren AX AXJ
J & L's Crown Royale Whiski SH
CH Texas Trace Pick-up Girl Beekauz SH
GCH CH Top Gun Keeping Faith SH
CH Hollow Creek's Lou's On First JH
Ruger's Prarie Willow BN RN
Top Gun Lucy At The Spa JH
GCH CH Texas Trace Yellow Rose BN RN CGC
GCH CH Texas Trace Hunter
GCH CH Texas Trace Happy Easter
Texas Trace Shaq Diesel JHR
Ch Texas Trace Destino's Cazadora JH CGC
Dovewood's Copper Penny NAP
Hunters Rest Santee RN
Larley's Luke Skywalker RN
Crosby MH
Texas Trace Tyler JH
J&L's Charlie Mae Super Cooper UN
SHR John's Franklin
HR Rain River Sir Charles Of Earl
HR Brandywine's Silvestre
SHR Brandywines Walk'rwalk Kynikos
HR J & L's Big River Guns
SHR Hunters Rest Whiskey Bent
SHR Brandywines I'm Just A Gigolo
HR J & L's Northern Asset Tessa
HR Triple J's Miss Remi Roo
SHR Brandywine's Big Creek Tex
SHR Thornhill's Broad River Buster Brown JHR
SHR John's Leda
SHR Q-max Lil' Pickup Artist
HR KJ Just Powder Keg Meg IR UNCH19
HR Town & Country Just A Joy
UH, HR KJ Just A Jamaican Mistral
HR Shady Acres Princess Makyia JHR
HR J & L's Johnyy CGC
HRCH Spartacus Rome Monti Fields MHR
HRCH Kj Just South Ga Doc Holliday
Nabors Farm Princess Eva JHR
HRCH Wildbrier's Lawman Reverend Brown MHA UGA
HR Karen's Second Chance Pal Joey
Julia's Legacy Charlie Brown PCH16
Wildbrier Featherbuster Express JH
SHR Pocotaligo's Red Ryder
HRCH Cash Is King
HR Bo's Bodacious Belton
HR Brandywines Wild West Gambler
Broad River Cooper Mcrae
SHR Shadow Bend Chisum Trails
Cedarway Kickitupanotch Scout (NR)
HRCH,OR Lamberts Boudreaux Pierre SH, MHR
HR Saint Thomas Thornhills Island Girl
HR Thornhills Sadie of Heronwyck
HRCH Rocky River's Darby Queen
HRCH Hunters Rest Fowler SHR
SHR Catalpa Acres Pure Pain In The Arse JH
SHR Thornhill's I'm Your Huckleberry
CatalpaAcres3XGeorgieOnMyMind (IR)
HRCH J & L's Denali
SHR BC's Bird Buster
Hunters Rest Artemis SH
HR Justreachforthestars
SHR Lily's Storys Lies & Allegations
SHR UH Lily & Piper's Never Ending Story UN
SHR Dzk's Wild West Outlaw
HRCH South Ga's Bowman NCH17 (NR)
SHR Boyett's Rushing Rucker
HR J & L's Grace Abounds
SHR Mitchell's Dynamite Drake
SHR Dzk's Crazy Daisy
UH Hudson Rivers Meat & Three
Sully's Lone Star Gill JH
SHR J & L's I Gotta Feelin
SHR Show-Me Ken's Lexie
HR Brandywines Quigley Down Under
HR Hunters Rest Sam Boykin
HR Brandywines Crane Creek Deke
HR Gauge Hunter Horne
'PR' HR Brandywines Get Up'n Go Gypsy
SHR J & L's Gunfire India Skye
SHR J & L's Legend Of The Cub's Santo UN
HR River Forest Woody
HRCH Oakley Brown SHR
HRCH Brandywine's Leine's Red Lager PCH17
HR Brandywine's Dark Beauty
HRCH Brandywines Southern Finn SHR
SHR John's Secret Agent 86
SHR Kj Just John's Finesse
Pocotaligo's Juice PCH87
Coach Campbell's Flea Bag PCH83
Lookout 4 Miss Blossom Belle UNCH12
Unsinkable Molly Brown ICH95
Lady Winchester PCH94
Sockson's Feather Findin Turk PCH95
SHR Texas Trace Fowl Mouth Storm
J&l's Koa UN UI
SHR Brier Creek's Virginia Pelham Stuart
HR Lynches River Grae
SHR Celtic Isle's Locked and Loaded
SHR Catalpa Acres Pure Panache RN JH
HR BaD Girl Scout JHR
HR Justdrivelikeyoustoleit
Al's Beau PCH80
SHR JustalittleCosmopolitan "polly"
HRCH OTM's It Takes A Thief Flynn Rider SHR
HR Brandywines Leines Pale Ale
SHR CH Canecade's Lady In High Cotton BN CD RA BCAT DMA DJ CGC TKN
SHR Brier Creek Legend Of Pelham
SHR Baylee's Hollyridge Avery
SHR Creeksides Sullivan
TDJAM Miss Bellamy Blue JHR
SHR Cedar Hill's Little Brown Nut
HRCH Lexie Lue's Surly Sailor
Cool Creeks Finn PCH18
SHR Shadow Bend Copper Sunrise
The Darker Side Of Beekauz JH
SHR Winged Mint's Benelli James
SHR Sg's Amazing Mazie
SHR Grambo Kennels Allison
HR South Georgias Waylon Ray
SHR Thornhill's Prince Of Tides
SHR Day's River
HRCH Whistling Pines Miss Belle
SHR J & L's Ivans Royal
SHR Little Lake's Star Of Texas
HR Kj Just All Spiced Up
SHR Hershey Wilson
HRCH Thornhills Broad River Buddy Boy
HR Brandywine's Ocmulgee Woody
Royal Cin-Kin Au The Voice CGCA, CGCU
SHR Wood’s Xena Princess Warrior
HR Red Creek Delta Dawn
SHR Southern Cross Waymore
HR Ophelia's Surcee Of Lockhaven
Wooten's Zuma Queen
SHR Richey's Autumn Sunrise
SHR Catalpa Acres Tupeol Honey Bea
SHR Clay Hill Little Miss Rosie
HR UH Brandywine Rudy Roux
SHR Sga's Gracie's Blackwater Jr
SHR Madison's Full Metal Jacket
SHR Kj Just Fairfeathers Antique Lace
SHR Catie's Little Blue Bell
SHR J & L's Little Brown Wizard
SHR Town & Country Sweet So. Heritage
SHR TC & HR's Nutmeg & Allspice
SHR Show-Me Hattie Mae NR
SHR Baylee's Hollyridge Murphy
SHR Show-Me Apple Jack
SHR Chloe's Steel Shot Stoeger
SHR AJ Justadiamondsomeday
HR Justasoutherngentleman
SHR Giselle's Justanirishpotatochip
SHR Lizzie
HRCH Brandywines Huck Finn UICH19, ICH19
SHR Fair Feather's Freshwater Pearl
HR Beaux Max Bihm
UH Willow Point's Just the Wizard
CH Thornhill's Lil Clemson Tomboy RA CAA DCAT DMA DS CGC TKN
SHR Shadow Bend Crumptons Grace
SHR KJ Just Croftons Finest Timber
SHR Soggy Bottom Beach Boy
HR Sudol's Miss Marleigh
HRCH Lily's Full Choke Hunter
HR Bain’s King Of The Coosa
Kj Just A Riverboat Gambler JHR
SHR Bluff's Wallace Red JHR
SHR Shady Acres Coffee Run CGC TKA
HRCH OTM's Wrecker Tango Foxtrot SHR
SHR Chief's Palmetto Piper
SHR Moore's Southern Red Cypress
SHR Full Strap Jax
HR Creekside's Sunshine
HR Boys Girl Teal
HR Creekside's Ragin Renfrow
HR Mead’s Avery Day I’m Hustlin’
SHR Top Secret Toad
SHR Pocotaligos Little Man
SHR Muddy Layd Finley Mcrae
HR Justasoutherngentlemanjack SHR
SHR Killian’s Night Watcher
SHR Briarmarsh Girls Beat Friend

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